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Cemetery Rules

Public admission to the cemetery is from sun-up to sun-down. Vehicle entry gate will be open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Anyone on said grounds except district personnel before or after daylight hours will be considered in trespass violation, unless prior authorization has been obtained from the Board of Trustees.

1.      Plots in the cemetery are conveyed for human burial purposes only, subject to the California Health and Safety Codes and the California Probate Codes along with the rules and regulations as are now or hereafter designated by the Board of Trustees.

2.      To be eligible for internment at the Pleasant Valley Cemetery District, eligibility shall be determined by the Pleasant Valley Estrella Cemetery District Board of Trustees according to the California Operations and Government Health and Safety Codes 9060 and 9061.

3.      Eligibility requirements for internment at Pleasant Valley Cemetery are as follows:



Person who resides within the boundary of the district

Persons who are former residents of the district and who acquired internment rights while they were residents of the district.

Persons who did reside within the district boundary and had to move out of their home to a care facility outside of the district due to health reasons.

Persons who pay property taxes on property located in the district.

Persons who formerly paid property taxes on property located in the district and who acquired internment rights while they paid those property taxes.

Persons who are family members of any person described in this subdivision.

If a person meets one of the above criteria they shall be eligible for interment at the Pleasant Valley Estrella Cemetery District and Resident Prices will apply.


The person has a family member that is already interred in the Pleasant Valley Estrella Cemetery District or is a family member of a person who has acquired interment rights in a cemetery owned by the district. 

The person was a resident of the Pleasant Valley Estrella Cemetery District or paid property taxes on property located in the district for a continuous period of at least five years, a portion of which shall have occurred within the past 10 years immediately before the person’s death.

The district receives a written request for the interment of the person from a person who is a resident of the district or who pays property taxes on property located within the district, and the person submitting the written request is not a trustee, officer, or employee of the district and is not a funeral director or an employee of a funeral director. 

The person died while serving in the Armed Services, in the line of duty as a Peace Officer or Fire Fighter.

There is no private cemetery within a straight-line radius of 15 miles of the person’s residence.

The Board of Trustees determines that the cemetery has adequate space for the foreseeable future and meets one of the above criteria.

If a person meets one of the above criteria and is deemed eligible for interment at the Pleasant Valley Estrella Cemetery District Non-Resident Prices will apply.


4.      The payment of the non-resident fee may be waived for a non-resident who had purchased an internment right while a resident or taxpayer per Health and Safety Code 9061.

5.      No transfer of any burial rights in said cemetery will be legal unless approved by the Board of Trustees. The resale of a plot to anyone other than the Cemetery District is forbidden. All plots repurchased by the cemetery district will be at the original sale price. If the Endowment Care fee was paid, it is nonrefundable.

6.      A Trustee shall provide a fee schedule of plot prices, endowment care and any charges applicable to the operation of the cemetery. At the time of pre-need sale, the only fees collected are those for the plot and endowment care.

7.      Arrangements for internments shall be made no later than three full working days prior to time of need. Monday through Saturday services shall be allowed between the hours of 9:00 am and 1:00 pm only. Saturday burials will be charged an extra fee for the opening and closing of the grave. No graves will be opened, no burials will be made and no private memorial services will be held on Saturdays after 1:00 pm, Sundays or legal holidays.

8.      No burials will be permitted in the cemetery without an Application and Permit for Disposition of Human Remains from the proper authorities. No internment may be made, or services rendered, until all charges for graves and services have been paid.

9.      Internments per (4’ x 8’) plot are as follows: One casket, double caskets (per advanced notice upon the first burial), one casket and two cremains, or four cremains. There shall be no more than two cremains in a (4’ x 4’) plot.

10.  Only four (4) pre-need graves may be purchased except by/with approval of the Board of Trustees.

11.  An approved vault must be used on every internment, the actual installation of which shall be made by Neal’s Tractor Work (License #860041). All fees for vault(s) and opening and closing shall be payable directly to Neal’s Tractor Work. Contact and fee information will be provided to you.

12.  The remains of the deceased shall be brought to the cemetery in a closed casket, urn, or other approved container. At no time will the opening of a casket be permitted on the cemetery grounds. Burial services have a two hour time limit. The casket will not be lowered, cremains will not be interred until the service is concluded and the attendees have left. The scattering of cremains within the cemetery grounds is prohibited.

13.  Installation of any grave marker(s) must be approved by the Board of Trustees. All grave markers must be a permanent material.  Maximum marker sizes are as follows: cremation urn or infant is 16” x 8”; single adult is 24” x 12”; single adult (double depth) is 28” x 16”; two adults, side by side, 36” x 18” or 44” x 14”. Any different sized markers must be approved by the Board of Trustees. No marker shall be set until one year after internment. Markers must be set flush with the grade level and must fit in a precast tub (including vase). The district will not be responsible for any damage to markers, headstones or cement frames around headstones.

14.  The district will not be responsible for damage to, or repair of, any coping or curb that may be incurred while making an opening and closing within said coping or curb. All installation, which includes coverage of a grave by a concrete slab or cap, new coping or curbing, repair, replacement or removal of a damaged coping or curb will be at the customer’s expense and done by an approved licensed and insured contractor, supervised by the district personnel. Broken coping or curbs will be removed when they pose a safety hazard.  

15.  Flowers may be placed on graves in proper vases, installed level with the ground.  Only two vases are permitted per grave.  At no time will glass objects, wind chimes, toys, above ground vase holders, etc., be allowed on any grave. The district’s personnel have the authority to remove any and all flowers, natural or artificial, as soon as, in their judgment, they become unsightly. They also possess the authority to remove any object on a grave that does not meet the above guidelines. The district will not be liable for floral pieces, baskets, frames, porcelain pictures or vases.  No person may plant trees, shrubs, flowers, or plants within the cemetery. Alcohol and drugs are prohibited on the cemetery grounds.

16.  Flags may be placed on graves on holidays that recognize military personnel. They will be removed one week after the holiday has passed.

17.  Disinterment authorization is at the consent of the district and with written consent of the surviving spouse, child, parent or sibling, in that order of priority or upon written order according to California Health and Safety Code 9069.15(a).  A disinterment administration fee of $100 shall be payable to the Pleasant Valley Estrella Cemetery District and the applicant shall be responsible for all fees associated with the open/close, permitting, mortuary, transfer and reburial. The removal of the remains will be supervised by a licensed funeral director. Remains shall be placed in a new standard casket for transportation. Remains disinterred from another cemetery and to be reinterred at Pleasant Valley Cemetery will be encased in a new standard casket before delivery to the cemetery. The district will not be held liable for any damage to the casket or remains being disinterred.    

18.  No structures of any type shall be placed on or around gravesites without prior permission of the Board of Trustees.  Do not erect fences or walls, and do not install benches until you have been authorized by the Board of Trustees.

19.  The Cemetery District, its Board of Trustees, and all other personnel employed by the District shall not be responsible for injury or damage suffered by any persons, including children, in the use of the cemetery grounds. Any person on the grounds or paths of the cemetery shall do so at their own risk.

20.  The Board of Trustees reserves the right to review and amend the Pleasant Valley Estrella Cemetery District Rules and Regulations as are applicable.

Amended 3/11/2024