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The Pleasant Valley Estrella Cemetery District is under the Sphere of Influence of San Luis Obispo County however we are one of two cemeteries districts in the county that do not receive a tax base. Therefore, we are reliant on proceeds from the selling of plots at Pleasant Valley Cemetery, small grants and generous donations by community members to be able to maintain the two cemeteries, along with the Estrella Adobe Church. 

Anyone wishing to help us in our endeavor to preserve and relate the histories of the Pleasant Valley Cemetery and the Estrella Adobe Church / Cemetery is invited to make a donation of any amount. 


                                          Please make your donation check payable to:

                             Pleasant Valley Estrella Cemetery District  


                                                                            Mail to:

                             Pleasant Valley Estrella Cemetery District 

                                                        P.O. Box 148

                                               San Miguel, CA 93451 


You will receive a thank you letter with our Federal Tax ID # for your generous donation.